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Early 18th Century.  Very rare, ivory and mother of pearl inlaid rosewood secretaire desk.  We believe it's origins to be northern Italian, possibly late 17th or early 18th century.  This exceptional piece of truly antique furniture, features fine and detailed inlay on every exterior surface.  The relatively large fall front desk surface features a cantilevered design which makes it practical for actual use and not just as a decorative piece of furniture.  It is rectangular in shape with baluster-shaped trestle-ends forming the sturdy base.  The interesting interior has pockets for papers, recessed compartments for ink-pots and pens and two doors which are opened by pressing a spot on the desk interior, one of which is still in good working order.  All of the inlay is highlighted by a string inlay of ivory framing the myriad decorations.  As with most antique furniture, this desk has old restorations, and old, small worm holes.  We have re-glued and restored all the inlays, replaced the missing lock, with a newer, working lock and key and re-polished the entire desk.  It is now in very fine functional and cosmetic condition. This desk is fresh from a local home and new to the market.  48" tall x 27 1/2” wide x 8" deep at the top and 18 1/4” deep at the legs.  Price $4,900.00

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