Circa 1925.  Early 20th century Art Deco, alabaster parrot lamp. This very large and important alabaster statue of a parrot is exquisite from every angle. Beautifully detailed from the top of his head to it's base, fashioned from a single piece of multi-hued stone, which enhances it's realism. The bird appears to be perched on a stone and looking over one shoulder. He has realistic glass eyes and black painted claws on his feet. The base is hollowed out and retains it's original single bulb socket and pull chain. Excellent original condition, with only a couple of tiny flakes to the black paint on the claws. The rear of the base has four holes drilled in it, one of which has the cord, I do not know the original purpose of the other three but they do not affect the look of the statue in any way.  Excellent original, soft patina.  This lamp weighs approximately 26lbs.   20" tall x 7 " deep x 7" wide.  Price $3,200.00.

Item ID # 0001

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