Circa 1890. Signed, "Horner" NYC, Late Victorian, oversized low-boy with large original beveled oval mirror.  Made entirely of richly colored, finely grained, solid mahogany.  This high quality chest features it's original set of large and bold brass hardware with no missing or replaced pieces.  Simple, carved leaf decorations on the top corners  and a "snow-flake" chip-carving  on the lower inset panels are lovely features of the mirror frame.  The chest itself, has shaped front corners, four "buttons" on the front side panels, fine floral carving on the lower front legs and a beautifully shaped bottom panel.   Excellent refinished condition. 73 1/2” high x 55 1/4" wide x 22 1/2" deep.  Price $3,200.00

Item ID # 1097

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