This is a fantastic one of a kind, Victorian cased art glass pitcher. I believe this piece to be from Moser or perhaps Thomas Webb Moroccan Ware. Circa 1885 and in perfect condition. It has a highly detailed enamel hand painted decoration with gold gilt around every painted area. Even the tiny dots have a circle of gold around them. It was very hard to get a picture showing the gilt but if you super-size the close ups you will see how detailed this piece is. The artist was a master and this piece is museum quality. Has an  applied glass, amber colored thorn handle. Stands 8 inches tall. I would say that the gold gilt is 98% intact and the hand painted florals are 99.9% intact.  It shows the white layer of glass inside the ground and polished pontil which I have read is a characteristic of Webb glass but the detail says Moser. Price $450.00

Item # 3354

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