Eastlake/Aesthetic Movement eight arm chandelier.  Circa 1890.  Victorian hanging light, gas electric combination, four up, four down, the "up" gas arms are cast in copper with fabulous cast and pierced detail set off by a faceted and deeply colored "jewel".  Each gas arm has a single "jewel" of a different color, red, blue, topaz and green.  The down facing electric arms are brass in a bold French horn shape.  The central shaft is brass and ends in a bell shaped brass canopy at the ceiling and a large turned finial below.  Eight matching gas and electric period shades in an etched satin glass with a floral motif and soft scalloped edges.  Professionally polished and rewired.   Excellent condition.   40 " long x 36" diameter.  Price $11,000.

Item ID # 5192

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