Circa 1985 .  Large, extraordinary, Aesthetic Movement hanging light. One of the finest examples of late 19th century Eastlake lighting I have ever encountered. This superb two arm chandelier started life as a "pull down" oil fixture. The detail is very high style Anglo-Japanesque, Aesthetic Movement with very finely cast metal work in brass and copper of Asian inspired flowers and motifs. It also features three inset porcelain pieces that are hand painted flowers in a bright Oriental style. The shades are also extraordinary , depicting a goateed gentleman with a rifle hunting a stag in the woods. All the metal, glass and porcelain are original and in very fine condition. The light has been converted from oil to electricity without harming the original fixture. Truly an amazing find in 21st century America.  34" wide x 36" tall.  Price $5800.00.

Item ID # 2237

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