Rare and wonderful Art Deco polar bear lamp.  Circa 1930. I originally purchased this exceptional alabaster lamp for my personal collection but never quite found the right spot  for display in my home.  The lamp consists of a large jagged ice berg with two polar bears, one on each level.  The polar bear on top is standing and looking down, the lower level bear is lying down with it's front paws crossed and it's head up.  The lamp is lit from a socket inside the base (iceberg) which softly glows when lit.  The bears are both removable with metal pins in them that fit in holes on the base.  Each bear has black eyes.  As with the vast majority of antique and vintage alabaster, the lamp has suffered some chips over the years, each bear bearing some scars which can be seen in the photos.  I also think the bottom end of the iceberg on the side where the wire enters was originally longer.  It is incompletely "as found" condition, with no restorations or repairs, original socket and wire.   That being said, it still displays very well and would work as a fine sculpture as well as a light.  11" tall x 13 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" deep.  Price  $ 1,200.

Item ID # 9383

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