Circa 1885.  Very tall, dramatic electrified figural oil lamp.  Victorian Aesthetic Movement, in the form of an Elizabethan gentleman, probably Shakespeare, holding an open book.  Beautifully cast detail, from his elaborate garb to his pointy laced boots.  The ornate base has "North Wind" faces among it's other flourishes and the bulbous upper section has chrysanthemums and other flowers in a Japanesque style.  The inscription, "words, words, words" runs around the base under the sculpted feet.  The base, body and round section are finely cast white metal with original "bronze" finish.  The oil font is pressed brass. There were no holes drilled in the lamp for electrification.  The wire goes through an existing open space in the casting and is attached by fine metal wires.  I think there is a hole in the interior oil reservoir but have not pulled the lamp apart to look.  The shade is an rare old, 10"  frosted white "Baby Face" with a blown out design of faces and an original brass ring around the top rim.  The finish is in very good original condition.  38 3/4" tall, over-all x 9 3/4" diameter.  Price $1,400.00

Item ID # 4602

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