Modern Gothic Antique Victorian Aesthetic Movement Chandelier. Fresh from a Harrison NY estate, large and dramatic, with an exceptionally well preserved "verdigris" finish. Originally oil, this has been professionally electified so well that the wiring is virtually invisible. Three large and elaborately detailed arms, which hold the original oil fonts and large 19th century etched glass shades, radiate fron an equally elaborate and finely cast central shaft. The patinaed metal is connected in several places by copper tubing and rings all of which appear original to this extremely fine antique light. Harder to picture is the vey fine detail on the shade holders. No bends or cracks, can be shortened by 10 inches, or lengthened by adding more chain. The canopy above the chain has been finished to match and cover a ceiling electrical box which would not have been present while it was still an oil light.  41" long x 32" diameter.  Price $1,200.00

Item ID # 4327

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