UNUSUAL ENTRY WAY HALL LIGHT FIXTURE.  All original, complete early 2OTH century electric chandelier in wrought iron and copper.  Exuberantly detailed, this single bulb lantern has four sides of tapering, textured glass. What makes this light special is the elaborate wrought iron curlicues decorating the top, bottom and sides. All original and in excellent condition, with a fine original "bronze" patina on the iron and a long, original patterned chain. I am not sure what to call this style as I have never seen one quite like it but I believe it would work well with Folk Art or Arts and Crafts or for any Eclectic design.  Very fine "as found" condition.  Rewired.  Can be  shortened or lengthened.  48" overall length x 12" wide.  The lantern itself is 22" long.  Price $575.00

Item ID # 3082
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