Circa 1845.  Rococo Rosewood Melodeon. Fresh from a fine Brooklyn home and amazingly well preserved, is the exceptional early 19th century musical instrument. All Brazilian Rosewood, with ivory keyboard intact, original brass hardware and signed by both the New York City maker and the shop that sold it originally. The base and legs are beautifully shaped solid rosewood and the only other decoration is the crenellated molding which runs around the cabinet. Meant to come apart and hinged with folding legs, all the original parts are there but the bellows are very old and dry and would probably have to be re-made for it to function as an instrument. The size, shape and gorgeous rosewood make this a perfect piece to be used as a table for a hallway or behind a sofa. Lightly cleaned and polished, very fine over-all condition. 37" wide x 29 1/2" tall x19 1/4" deep.   Price $975.00

Item ID # 3054

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