Circa 1890.  Large, fine pair of oak framed Victorian prints.  One print is of a Classical nude women with a young boy and a baby.  She is holding a wreath of roses which the baby is reaching  for and handing some roses to the boy who has them piled in the front of his robe.  There is also a wicker basket overflowing with flowers.  The second scene has a Middle-Eastern feel with a man seated at a table and a standing women and an Egyptian style cat.  There is also a line draped with a piece of cloth.  Both prints are sepia toned and set in round white mats.  The prints are both in good condition with very minor "foxing" on the mat of the nude and and a fair amount of "foxing" on the  Middle Eastern scene all confined to the mats which are easily replaced. Original elaborate oak and gesso frames in very good condition that we have lightly re-polished.  Original glass and wood backs.  We did not take them apart and there is some dirt on the insides of the glass .  The white streaks are reflections in the glass.  Unsigned.   32 "high x 29" wide.  Price $650.00 each $1200 the pair.

Item ID # 5511


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