Circa 1885.  Superb, all original Aesthetic Movement framed photograph of a bearded man. We have just purchased two of the finest gilded frames we have ever owned on a recent road trip. All original, and in amazing original condition, both framed photographs have the same incredibly intricate matt, obviously professionally hand decorated, with cut-outs, raised gilding and red and white pen work. These matts also feature grey fabric (looks like silk) woven behind the matt and peeking through the cut outs. Around the photo is a gilded and angled frame with an arched top and surrounding the matt is bright red plush fabric. All original, with no restorations or repairs.  The white spot on the jacket is a handerchief in the mans pocket, not a damage. 17 1/4" tall x 15" frame over-all the matt opening is aproximately 4 1/2" x 7"  Price $250.00

Item ID # 3600

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