Circa 1890.  GORGEOUS HAND PAINTED PORCELAIN PLAQUES. This large pair of exceptional porcelain plaques feature a man and a women in what is probably early Renaissance dress. The clothing is very elaborate and colorful on both the man and the women. The man is leaning on a long pole and is very well armed, with both a sword and knife. He is posed out of doors but with an architectural element to one side of him. The female figure is also outdoors but not in the same spot. The porcelain blanks are actually long, shallow bowls. They are mounted in handsome original frames with an "egg & dart" detail and soft burgundy velvet inserts. The white high lights on both pieces are a raised white enamel which adds to the fine quality of the images. Very fine original condition for both pieces,  frame, porcelain and art work. I believe they are French in origin. They are both signed J.B. on the lower right corner. There appears to be a blue porcelain mark on the back of one plaque but it is very faded and illegible. 13" x 19" framed, the porcelain is 8" x 13 1/2".  Price $1800. for the pair.

Item ID # 1483
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