Circa 1920.  Large and important painting by the well listed Russian artist Leonid Gechtoff, 1883-1941. This fine painting is titled on the reverse, "Garden of Allah", and depicts people in Arab dress, standing on the banks of a river at the edge of a stand of trees. Their shadows can be seen reflected in the water. Gechtoff was known for his Orientalist  themes.  The painting is on canvas that has been applied to a panel and is done with a palette knife that thickly applies the oil paint giving the painting a thick texture. The painting retains it's original lightly gilded wood frame and both the painting and frame are in very good original condition with no restorations or repairs. Gechtoff was born and worked in Russia, but later lived and died in the United States. This piece of fine art is a wonderful example of early 20th century Russian Orientalist art. Clearly signed in the lower right hand corner.  42" tall x 46" wide over-all, painting alone is 35" x 39".  Price $2600.

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