20th Century.  Large, handsome Maritime, oil on canvas painting. This very well painted picture is of a clipper ship near a coast line in rough seas. The listed artist, who was reputed to be a retired sea captain, captures all the power and movement of a large fine ship  as it plows through roiling waves. The brilliant blues of the sky and water make a perfect frame for the mostly white ship. This very fine nautical oil painting is very large and important looking in it's original frame. The frame is also unusual in that it is finished in several different metal leafs, both silver and gold with texturing on the large central cove. This is a very impressive painting that would look great over a mantel or sideboard. Clean, original condition with a very tiny repair in one of the clouds. We have touched up the gilding on the frame and it shows very well.  Signed, by the Dutch artist, in the lower left corner, J. Winfried who was prolific in the mid 20th century.   45" wide x 29" high framed, painting itself is 38 " x 23 1/2"   Price $1000.00

Item ID # 0010

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