Classical Print "A Reading From Homer" Circa 1890 .  This large and fine 19th century Orientalist print is from the 1885 oil on canvas of Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema.  It is titled, "A Reading From Homer" and depicts young men and women lounging around a man seated on a marble bench with a scroll open in his hand.  There are a variety of musical instruments in the scene and one person lying on the floor appears to be wearing an animal skin.  The mono-chromatic print is housed in its original frame, which has an extreme grain and a carved molding around the outer edge.  Both the print, glass and frame are in very fine condition with only minor scratches to the frame.  The print is approximately is 13" x 27" . The frame size is 19 3/4" x 34 ".   Price $175.

Item ID # 3819

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