Circa 1900.  Charming, KPM style hand painted oval porcelain plaque in an extraordinary original gilded frame.  This lovely German plaque is titled "Contemplation" nach Piot which denotes  being "after" the famous portrait artist Adolphe Piot (1850-1910).  It is also marked made in Germany.  It is signed on the front by the actual artist but I cannot make out the name.  What makes this plaque superior to the vast majority of this kind of  antique plaque on the market today is the quality and condition of both the art and the frame.  This plaque has the finest antique gilded frame I have seen.  Not only beautifully made but superbly gilded with all the high points a shiny gold and the low points matte.  Both the plaque and the frame are in mint original condition, with only a fine hairline shrinkage crack on the bottom joints of the frame.  This plaque and frame have been in a professionally made, black lacquered shadow box since it was new.  We did take it apart to look at the markings on the rear of the plaque.  Fresh from a local Brooklyn estate. More pictures available.  Gilt frame  15" high x 12 1/2" wide, plaque 9 1/2" x 7", shadow box 16 1/4" x 14".  Price $2,800.00

Item ID # 8286

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