Circa 1890.  Large Victorian painted portrait of a standing woman.  This painting features a strikingly handsome young woman leaning on a walnut fern stand amid lush flowers and greenery.  She is dressed in an elegant pinched-waist dress and feathered hat.  The neck-line of her dress is  very nicely detailed pleats and brooch leading to a fine row of buttons.  Her hands have long graceful fingers and a ring.  Very dramatic size, rich colors and a skilled hand all add up to a grand visual impact.  Unsigned, oil on canvas in a well suited, vintage reproduction frame.  The condition is good over-all, with some in-painting on the field to the left of her face and some small touched up dents in the field to the right of her body. There is also a crease in the upper right hand corner and a scratch in the lower right among the flowers. The frame is in good condition.  .   44" high x 31 1/2" wide over all, canvas is 34 1/2" high x 23 1/2".   Price $2100.

Item ID # 4508

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