Circa 1890.  Extra fine pair of 19th century European male and female figures. These statues are extremely high quality, beautifully molded and painted with great skill and lots of fine detail.  They are both charmingly dressed in Period costumes. The young women wears a peaked hat and a dress with lots of color and design over which  their is an apron that appears to be blowing around her. She is carrying  a basket and wearing fancy purple shoes with a large bow buckle. The young man is wearing a jacket and knee pants in shades of purple. The pants are decorated with gold. He is also wearing a white shirt, taupe hat and brown shoes. He has a satchel slung over one shoulder. There is so much more detail on these figures, too much to describe, but easy to see for yourself in our close-up photos.  Excellent original condition over-all with the exception being damage to the tips of the pinkie fingers on the male and one thumb and one pinkie on the female, which can easily be professionally restored if desired.  Fresh from a local Brooklyn estate. Marked in blue on the base. 5 1/4" wide, 13" tall.  Price  $1200 for the pair.

Item ID # 7398

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