Circa 1911.  Pair,  Hand Painted Nippon scenic vases.  This fine pair is a wonderful example of "Orientalist" design popular in the late 19th-early 20th century.  Each vase is painted with a North African or Middle Eastern motif of a boat sailing by a shoreline filled with buildings and palm trees, most likely on  the Nile river.  The prow of the boat is in the form of a face and there is a person in the boat. Each vase has gold gilt handles and fancy embossed gold trim around the openings.  Sunset colors of orange, purple and gold.  One vase has a tight hair line crack (left vase, third picture) that does not take away from the over-all good original condition of the pair.  10" tall x 6" wide.  Fully marked.  Price $ 425 for the pair.

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