Circa 1875.  Elegant American Victorian table or vanity caddy. One of the most unusual pieces of ornate silver plate we have ever seen. This rare piece by the fine American maker, Simpson, Hall & Miller & Co., is basically a box with a single drawer, mounted on a plateau which is supported by four full-bodied mermaids. The ends of the plateau are curved and have four raised fancy open work elements. The top of the box has two mounted flowers on long curved leafy stems. There is beautiful engraving all around the base of the plateau and on the drawer front and top of the box. I am not sure of its original purpose, the open ends probably held bottles or cruets. The openings will accommodate a round or square bottle up to 1 7/8" in diameter. It is in very good condition over-all. One of the flowers looks as if it was re-attached, but this was done very well and is not obvious. A couple of the end decorations are slightly bent but again not badly. All the quadruple plate looks intact, I have not polished it though there is some fine scratches from old polishing.   8 1/4" tall x 10" wide x 5" deep.  Price $675.

Item ID # 531

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