Circa will be happy to recommend shippers or make shipping arrangements as a courtesy to our customers.  Local delivery {aprox. 100 mile radius} is available at a modest charge for any small furniture or other items that will fit in our SUV. We are not liable for damage or loss once the items have left our premises.

To Order


Circa now accepts Paypal to make your shopping experience a little easier.  You can still call us at anytime with any questions you may have.  If you are interested in purchasing an item, please give us a call (718)-596-1866 or E-Mail: Circa@circaantiquesltd.com We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and personal check as payment for merchandise. Everyone must pay the 8.375% New York sales tax unless you have the item delivered outside of New York State. If you are purchasing the item for resale and produce a valid tax exempt certificate you are exempt from sales tax.

About Descriptions

The biggest problem for us, with buying or selling antiques over the internet is the fact that you only see an image of the piece and not the piece itself. Describing condition is subjective, everybody's opinion being different. All of the furniture we sell is roughly 100-200 years old. We don't believe any piece of furniture this old can be perfect. We prefer furniture that looks its age but is still handsome and functional .  In our descriptions we will tell you what we believe or know has been done (currently or in the past) to each individual piece. We will welcome specific inquiries where we can give you additional details or pictures about a particular piece. No description or picture is a substitute for seeing and judging for yourself.  We urge prospective buyers to make the trip to see the piece if at all possible.

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