Circa 1895-1905.  Elegant, signed,  "Trent Tile" Victorian/Art Nouveau, fireplace surround.  Fifteen piece (missing one), tile set, of graceful Morning Glory vines cascading over and around a beautiful young women.  The portrait tile is a 3/4 view and meant to be placed in the top center. One tile is chipped on a leaf and the bottom right hand tile is missing the lower 1/4,  all the other tiles are in good condition. The color in our photos is quite accurate, the back-round color is a soft aqua which lightens in spots to an even paler aqua. The other color is a soft brownish maroon which lightens to almost ivory on the women's face.  Each tile is 6" square. Fifteen piece signed "Trent" on the reverse, set, "as is".  Price $1000.00

Item ID # 4241

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